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"Forgiving others heals the heart, but forgiving the self heals the soul.” 
A cat bell and a set of dog tags worn around Cara’s neck become daily reminders and punishment for something she did years ago until one day, while bartending on the lower east side of Manhattan, she meets Peter, a bike messenger with a gift for music and poetry.  As their unexpected relationship evolves, Cara rediscovers her own artistic talents as a painter, gradually exposing her past onto the canvas, testing fate and faith in self and each other.
A feature-length film project to be shot on super-16mm color stock that aspires to be a timely, passionate story. The screenplay has done well in competition placing in the top 10 at Filmmakers Collective, Filmcontest.com and Empire Screenwriting Contest. It has been enthusiastically received at several staged reading events including AngelCiti Film FestivalGod’s Guarantee promises to be beautiful and visually stimulating on screen while retaining a raw, heart-felt aesthetic.

friend (frěnd)  n. One who supports, sympathizes with, or patronizes a group, cause, or movement.